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HarnessNation is the most realistic and exciting virtual harness horse racing game online! Sign up for free today or log in below to manage your stable of Standardbred racehorses!

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Did you know? HarnessNation is part of Equination.net, which has been providing horse racing fans of all ages with an unparallelled experience since 2002!

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HarnessNation - Virtual Harness Horse Racing

Virtual Harness Horse Racing

HarnessNation offers an unparallelled virtual harness horse racing experience to fans of all ages. Members have the opportunity to manage their very own stable of Standardbred race horses with the ability to breed, train and race their way to victory!

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Getting Started

$100,000 HND

Your stable will start with $100,000 in HarnessNation Dollars in the bank.

Stalls for 45 horses

There will be room for 25 horses actively racing and 20 horses for breeding purposes.

No time limit for free play

At HarnessNation, there is no limit to how long you can play for free!

HarnessNation - Virtual Harness Horse Racing

Standard Features


Put your horses to the test in races against other players!


Several different training options are available to improve your horses and maintain fitness.

HarnessNation - Virtual Harness Horse Racing

Choose from publicly standing stallions and broodmares or breed your own champions in-house.

Great Community

HarnessNation is full of other horse racing fans eager to help each other out.

...and even more Premium Features

Driver Silks

Design your very own set of racing silks for your drivers to wear.

Stake Races

Highly competitive, elite, top level racing.


From open to select elite auctions, these are only available to Premium Members.

Convenient Features

Extra features available to make managing your horses a breeze. it.

More Stalls

Premium Members can have up to 225 horses in total.

Weekly Pay

An increased weekly allowance for your stable.


Features are regularly being added for both membership types!


Top notch support is available to all members.